Paradigm Shift Towards Systemic and Adaptive Governance

Link to the talk in YouTube.
The talk mostly concentrates on climate change, but as he takes a systemic perspective, the principles which he outlines can be applied to other systems too, imho.


  • The biosphere will prevail. The question is: where humans will?
  • Governance:
  • Responding to feedback;
  • A cyber-systemic concept;
  • Cybernetics,from kybernetes meaning helmswoman or steersman;
  • Governing – responding to feedback; charting a course (purpose);
  • What form of praxis might best contribute to paradigm shift in these circumstances?
  • What constraints and possibilities does a conception of rivers as the sturctural coupling of two systems – the human and biophysical – offer to praxis innovations that offer an effective break with dualistic thinking and acting?
  • I guess he is referring to “praxis” as a process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized. Action, in other words, but based on theory
  • Current paradigm is based on antrropmorphism. Should this needs to be changed in order to make a paradigm shift?
  • Social ecological system as a way to go forward
  • co-evolutionary_dynamics

  • How does walking arises as a practice? (Humberto Maturana) It arises from the interaction between legs and floor. Without the floor we would not be able to walk (of course, obviously…)
  • situation

  • Structural coupling: think about the shoes which we use when walking for building a medium between the floor and legs
  • Left with open question: can a systemic governing praxis be built?

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