Data guru Jeff Jonas about data in a context

also about Big Data (mentioning it), Inernet of Things (not mentioning it) and Global Brain (not mentioning it):

“I think the world went from machines-made data (you know, all the sensors are basically systems)… I think that what we’ve seen now is that human is a sensor. And there is billions of us just sensing and annotating. I see it just as more data. I don’t see it as user activity, its just … humans are sensors, so we part of instrumentation of the way the information goes from out of the real world and migrated in and its the convergence of all this kind of data is occuring at volumes that are too large to think that people are going to notice the real interesting things. So machines are gonna triage you know, all the sensors on bridges, all the sensors in the environementally protected areas. I mean, you start adding all this data, and then add all the Twitter feeds and Facebook statuses and this and that. There is just not enough humans to watch after that. So what we gonna expect machine triage to help do human attention dirrecting and that means “relevance finds you” and if you get it good, you are gonna love it.”