Distributed Computer Sytems

A course from Prof. Keshav, University of Waterloo, Winter 2012. In this course he is focusing on the Internet as a distributed computing system.

Lecture 1:

Random notes:

  • The trend in the world is converting Atoms to Bits (see Nicholas Negroponte, Being Digital).
  • Internet can be looked at / described from three main perspectives:
    • service view (transporting bits from here to there);
    • topology view: the global conservativeness;
    • formal definition: the set of all reachable IP addresses;
  • There is no one Internet in the sense, that every access point (or every server computer  / user) sees Internet differently. I guess what you can infer from that is that Internet (the global one) is the come sort of the amalgam of these different views;
  • The protocol (definition): a way to formulate relationship and interaction [between agents /nodes, whatever];
  • Kind of the definition of the Internet (came at the end of the lecture, after quite a long discussion of basic topology of the Internet): the network of autonomous systems. My try to formulate this idea a little more generally: Internet is the recursive network of autonomous systems, where the autonomous system can be network itself. Consider association with a framework for scalable cognition.

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