Distributed Computing Theory by N.Lynch

A presentation about Distributed Computing Theory, focused more on practical applications / algorithms and mobile networks. The most interesting part for me was something called “Computing in Dynamic Graph Networks” (0:35).

Thoughts/ notes:

  • Distributed Computing Theory (book);
  • Atomic Memory and sharing memory robustly in message -passing systems (article); Quite interestingly, this is more or less the same algorithm that I use in ChallProp
  • Computing in Dynamic Graph Networks. Lynch’s PhD student, Rotem Oshman has been studying that (PhD Thesis: Distributed Computation in Wireless and Dynamic Networks; article: Distributed Computation in Dynamic Graphs);
  • The problem that is being studied by the field of computation in dynamic graphs is that dynamic graphs are changing during computation.. This is the problem very similar to the one we address with the challenge propagation model and in general trying to model the emergence of the distributed intelligence (whether in Internet in the form of the Global Brain, or elsewhere..).

One thought on “Distributed Computing Theory by N.Lynch

  1. It is a wonderful work to consider the global computing in dynamic network, especially when you realize that how simple the dynamic model is and how rich results they have obtained. Also, the decay algorithm is so elegant.

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