Joscha Bach on How To Build A Mind

AI researcher Joscha Bach gave a beautiful presentation at 30C3 (Chaos Communication Congress) “How to Build A Mind” in December 2013. It seems that the talk was somewhat aimed at getting hackers interested in Artificial Intelligence project.

Here are the most provoking /  interesting / informative thoughts of the presentation (well, according to my interpretations, which are in the brackets []) plus approximate times of the video where you can find/check them:

09:11: There is no need to fear for the AI. It is already there in the form of corporations (kind of artificial legal persons). The “real” AI will not be worse for sure.

?: God is a system architect, devil is a hacker ;);

19:00: Intuition is overrated. In philosophy, intuition matters, which usually means that it matters what audience think is right. In computer science what matters is whether your software run. [I guess the idea is that software is initially based on intuition of the architect, but nobody cares about intuitions when it does not run..]

24:14: Computational models of the brain:

  • Compartment models [or multi-compartment models, which are somewhat similar to the well-stirred reactor vessels of the Chemical Organization Theory);
  • Integrate-and-fire model (some sort of simplification of the former);
  • Artificial neural networks (very crude simplification of the former !).

34:26: A short history of AI. There was a comment around Wiener and Ashby that “second-order cybernetics with Maturana and stuff” which turned to humanity was an unfortunate development…

Screenshot from 2014-01-03 22:53:57

?: Artificial Intelligence project is about using Computer Science to understand a mind (said Marvin Minsky sometime ago when coining the term “AI”).

37:03: Short history version #2.

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47:36: Affective states (feelings, etc.) are configuration of the cognitive system.

49:11: Simplified list of problems

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49:46: What you need to learn if you want to gen involved into AI project:

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51:10: Details of representation problem

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52:06: Details of perception problem

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54:08: Integration of everything [something similar to what Ben Goertzel calls Cognitive Synergy, I guess].

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